Feature of Nishiki Piano

The Nishiki Piano is an exceptional instrument that boasts several notable features, contributing to its exquisite sound and overall quality. Let’s explore its key attributes:

  1. Height: The Nishiki Piano stands at an impressive 123cm, providing it with a commanding presence and allowing for a rich resonance that fills any room with beautiful music.
  2. Hammer: The Nishiki Piano is equipped with Double Layer Japan Felt Solid Wood Hammers. These hammers are crafted with precision and care, ensuring a delicate touch while producing a full-bodied and expressive tone. The use of solid wood enhances the durability and tonal characteristics of the hammers.
  3. Strings: The piano utilizes Japan Strings, known for their exceptional quality and responsiveness. These strings are carefully selected to deliver a clear and vibrant sound across the entire range of the instrument, from the lower bass notes to the sparkling trebles.
  4. Soundboard: The Nishiki Piano features a soundboard made of spruce, a wood renowned for its acoustic properties. The spruce soundboard resonates harmoniously with the vibrations from the strings, enhancing the piano’s tonal projection and allowing for a nuanced and dynamic performance.
  5. Back Frame: The piano incorporates a sturdy cast-iron back frame. This robust frame provides structural integrity, ensuring the stability of the instrument and allowing for optimal string tension. The cast-iron frame also contributes to the piano’s longevity, as it helps to withstand the constant stress exerted on the instrument during playing and tuning.
  6. Keyboard: The Nishiki Piano boasts a keyboard constructed from solid wood. This choice of material offers a responsive touch and a comfortable playing experience, enabling the pianist to fully express their musical intentions with precision and control. The solid wood keyboard is built to withstand years of playing and provides a reliable and consistent performance.
  7. Tuning Pins: The Nishiki Piano utilizes stainless steel tuning pins. These tuning pins are resistant to corrosion and maintain their stability, ensuring accurate and stable tuning of the strings over time. This allows the pianist to enjoy a well-tuned instrument, enabling them to create beautiful music with confidence.

In summary, the Nishiki Piano combines its remarkable features such as the double layer Japan felt solid wood hammers, Japan strings, spruce soundboard, cast-iron back frame, solid wood keyboard, and stainless steel tuning pins to create an instrument of exceptional quality. With its attention to detail and commitment to craftsmanship, the Nishiki Piano offers a superior musical experience, allowing pianists to explore their creativity and bring their music to life with elegance and precision.

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